Why is Fussy Cat grainfree healthiest for my cat?

Fussy Cat was founded on the belief that our little carnivores deserve only the finest natural ingredients, free from unnecessary fillers, just as nature intended.

Being carnivores, cats are not designed to eat grains. Fussy Cat offers a grainfree alternative to satisfy your cat's natural cravings in a way which is best suited to their digestion.

We want to offer a better alternative at an accessible price for all cats. All our food - wet, dry and treats - is proudly made with the freshest ingredients.

Choosing Fussy Cat grainfree means your cat will get more meat in their food every day and more real, natural ingredients which is the key to vitality for your cat.

Fussy Cat grainfree supports healthy digestion, helps your cat absorb more nutrients and delivers nutritionally balanced meals for your cat.

Where can I get Fussy Cat grainfree?

Fussy Cat grainfree is available in all leading supermarkets (including Countdowns, New Worlds and Pak N' Saves) nationwide.

Does Fussy Cat grainfree contain preservatives?

All of our products contain only natural antioxidants, no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Can I feed the Fussy Cat grainfree products as a sole diet?

Yes, each of the products in the dry and wet range has been produced as a complete and balanced feed for all life stages, however we strongly encourage mixed feeding (wet, dry and the occasional treat) to ensure your cat has the variety of flavours and textures they naturally crave.

What shape and size is the Fussy Cat dry kibble?
  • Fussy Cat Chicken & Turkey with Cranberry is a square shape, 5mm x 8-10mm
  • Fussy Cat Salmon & Whitefish with Olive Oil is a triangle, 6mm x 10-12mm
  • Fussy Cat Beef & Kangaroo with Sweet Potato is round, 5mm x 8-10mm