July 2018

Hello cat lovers, Thank you for joining us at Fussy Cat, where we understand that you want your fussy felines to have the healthiest (and tastiest) food possible. Cats are carnivores; they naturally crave the taste of meat. That’s why the Fussy Cat range is protein-rich and 100% grain free. More meat, no grains. Every month we will send you updates on our range, titbits of advice from our nutritionists, exciting news along with opportunities to win our nutritious products for your little carnivores.

May 2018

Has your finicky feline tried our grainfree treats? Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, our treats are protein-rich so that even the fussiest cat will love them. Earlier this year over 200 cats tried each flavour of our treats in a palatability trial, and the results were fantastic. 9/10 cats loved our treats, and came back for more! We have ten bags of our Treats to give away for your own cats to try - click the link below, enter your details and you'll be in the draw to win a bag.